25g, 150g jar, 700g bucket

Exfoliating peel-off face mask in powder form for all skin types.

Contains the natural exfoliating enzyme Papain, derived from the Papaya fruit extract. Deeply cleanses and purifies the skin, accelerates the elimination of dead cells, refines texture and gives a fresh and youthful look.


50ml (retail) jar, 125ml tube, 250ml jar

Exfoliating face scrub gel with Sugar crystals, organic extra virgin Olive oil, Olive leaf and herbal extracts. Cleanses and leaves the skin soft and smooth. Suitable for all skin types. Dermatologically tested.

Contains organic extra virgin Olive oil, natural Sugar crystals, antioxidant extracts (Olive leaf, Everlasting,

Rosemary and white Tea), conditioning natural oils (Argan, evening Primrose and sweet Almond), soothing extracts (Marshmallow, Chamomile, Licorice and Calendula), toning Ruscus extract, Shea butter, Aloe vera gel, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Allantoin, Chlorophyll, plant Glycerin and natural Mastic essential oil.


50ml plastic tube, 125ml plastic tube, 250ml, 500ml jars

Special exfoliating face scrub with Cacao ingredients. Effectively cleanses the skin, removes dead skin cells and impurities without irritating the skin. Leaves the skin clean, soft and smooth. Prepares also the skin to receive the active ingredients of the Yellow Rose Chocolate Face Treatment.

Contains exfoliating microgranules, soothing Cacao butter, Cacao extract (anti-oxidant and toning), soothing and calming Jojoba and Chamomile oil and Allantoin.

PEELING SCRUB GEL (in two types: No1 and No2)

50ml retail, 125ml, 250ml plastic tube

Gentle face scrub gel with fine exfoliating silica micro-particles for daily cleansing. Eliminates impurities, unclogs pores and removes dead cells and excess sebum. Leaves skin smooth, clean and fresh. Prepares also the skin to receive the active ingredients of face creams, serums and gels. Complements skin toners, face gels, serums and creams.

Peeling Scrub Gel No1 for delicate and sensitive skin types.

Peeling Scrub Gel No2 for deep cleansing of the skin and for usual professional use.

Contains soothing Chamomile oil, Allantoin (moisturising and nourishing) and Lactic acid (mild exfoliating properties)

HYALURONIC FACE SCRUB with Flower extracts

50ml retail & 125ml plastic tube, 250ml jar

Exfoliating Gel for deep facial cleansing. The soft natural Bamboo granules, the dried Lotus flowers together with a proteolytic enzyme offer effective exfoliation without irritating the skin. Dead skin cells and impurities are removed from the epidermis revealing a new brighter, smoother and fresh complexion ready to receive the active ingredients of the other Yellow Rose Hyaluronic Treatment products.

Contains also a mixture of Hyaluronic acid with 3 different molecular weights (high, low and very low for effective deep moisturisation and rejuvenation), soothing and antioxidative Flower extracts (Cherry blossoms, Magnolia, Rose, Indian Lotus, Calendula and Chamomile), antioxidative White Tea, soothing and moisturising Microspheres (with Flax oil, Marshmallow extract, Sweet Almond extract and Algae extract), protective and moisturising mixture of Ceramides and Phytosphingosine, anti-inflammatory Boswellia Serrata extract, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3 - moisturises, stimulates natural Collagen biosynthesis and fights discolourations), Jojoba oil, Allantoin and Panthenol (pro-Vitamin B5).


50ml retail, 125ml, 250ml plastic tube

Exfoliating gel for deep cleansing based on AHAs and Salicylic acid. Removes old lifeless surface cells so a refined new underlayer of skin can glow through. Exfoliates and clears pores as it boosts the skin’s oxygenating ability, increasing its capacity for holding moisture, improving tone and texture, and restoring its natural healthy glow and radiance.

Contains Fruit acids (Glycolic and Lactic acid), Salicylic acid, Camphor, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate

(surfactant-free skin cleanser) and Allantoin.

ADO natural herbal peeling

25 g jar (powder) en 125 ml bottle (lotion)

Powder and Lotion

Natural herbal peeling treatment that consists of a powder and and lotion (Citric acid). The powder contains dried pulverised fresh-water sponges (Spongila) and Laminaria. It is mixed with the lotion resulting in a viscous paste that performs exfoliation of the skin removing excess sebum and dead cells. Gradually the skin appears more smooth, clear and fresh. Only for professional use. The lotion contains Citric acid, Papaya extract, Stinging nettle extract, Aloe Vera gel and Allantoin.

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